Struktur Dasar Pengkabelan

Structured Cabling: TIA-568-B S

1. Purpose
a. Specifies a generic cabling system
a). Supports a multi-product multi-vendor environment
b). Supports “mix-and-match” solution
b. To enable planning and install of cabling system during construction/renovation
c.  Establishes performance requirements
d. Independent of applications

Structured Cabling: TIA-568-B S

2. Specifies:
a.  Cabling requirements
b.  Cabling distances
c. Outlet / connector configurations
d. Recommended topology

3. Covers wide range of building sites and applications
a.Voice, data, text, video, image, etc.
b. Up to 1,000,000 m 2 office space
c. Up to 50,000 users

Applies to buildings for commercial enterprises that are office oriented

Structured Cabling: Why?

1. Provides flexibility
2. Supports diverse environments
3. Ensures reliable, high performance
4. Allows for quick moves, adds, changes

Structured Cabling: Elements S

a. Horizontal Cabling
b. Backbone Cabling
c. Work Area (WA)
d.  Telecommunications Rooms (TR)
e.  Equipment Rooms (ER)
f. Entrance Facilities
g. Administration  (TIA/EIA-606)

Horizontal Cabling: Intro Horizontal Cabling: Intro
a. Two basic elements
b. Horizontal cable & connecting hardware
c.  Horizontal pathways & spaces
d. Includes:
e. Outlet in work area
f.  Cabling between WA & TR
g. Cross-connect hardware
h. Patch cords
i. Spaces, pathways & structures used to distributor & support horizontal cabling



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